Yes in Lucky Mag!

Everyone knows Lucky is one of my fav mags! So I decided to put what I YES in Lucky!

PS. Lucky 32 =page number. If you have Lucky you would know this

August 2009

For more Lucky go on!

  1. Smart Water!!! : First page when you flip it open (Who doesn’t like smart water! Pshh!)
  2. Marc Jacobs Ad : Luh-v ya Marcie but what the heck! The girl looks high in this pic!
  3. The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style : This can be useful for some people out there 😉
  4. RoxyAthletix Ad. : It’s like it was made for Kristen!! lol! Luh-v ya K!
  5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Tie-Front dress that Hayden is wearing! :  This dress would be pref for one of mom’s boring auctions. $595 Lucky 32
  6. Printed cotton skirt Marc by Marc Jacob: Great for a concert!! $228 Lucky 56
  7. Sequined cotton “heart” tank by Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN :Ya I never heard of them but this tank is so cue-wt! $64 Lucky 56
  8. Cotton Moleskin Military Coat, Marc Jacobs : This is so cute but I don’t know where I would wear it? $525 Lucky 60
  9. Silk, Green Ford. Select Nordstrom : This would go great with a vest or a coat! $258 Lucky 67
  10. Moroccan Oil!! haaha!! this works so good in moi hair! $39 Lucky 86
  11. On page Lucky 114 theres this girl who is sitting down. Now i’m not the one for pastel pants but she makes them look so cue-wt!
  12. In  the middle theres a crystal necklace and that would look so ah-mazing with a plain colored top and a skirt!! $225 Lucky 140
  13. Silk/Cotton Voile Eyelet dress: Very nice summer dress! $155 Lucky 142


  1. Of course i noe Lucky! Loved the cotton skirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs! Bought it yesterday! I got us both Moroccan Oil! Hope u luv!

    x and o’s
    Dylan Marvil

  2. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  3. Luh-v!!! I saw just about everything!

  4. seen them all

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