Whats Hawt and Whats Nawt

This is where I’m going to post what stuff is in or out.

It’s not my Current State of Union.It’s whats in fashion and not.



Beach Cruising  Around!!

Now I’m not the one for bike riding but I ah-dore my new Beach Cruiser! It’s Rosie by Electra Bikes and they are ah-mazing! Me and the Leesh got one from the photo shot we did, so we got K, Dyl, and Claire one too! We luv riding them on the street and with the boys.


Beach Days!!

Everyone luv’s the beach but nawt getting sunburned! Well I am here to tell you that with the right sunscreen you can get a nice tan and stay protective! A couple of weeks ago I forgot my sunscreen and had to use some of Kristen’s. She has Banana Boat Sport SPF 30. It’s long lasting and has UVA/UVB protection. I used some and still got a tan! So grab your sunglasses, your Banana Boat Sport sunblock, a TeenVouge Mag, some ice cold water, and your Evian facial spray and lets head down to the beach!




  1. Ohmagawd! I have a Beach Cruiser too! Well living in Cali really makes you want one cause of all the beaches and stuff!

  2. Deff ah-gree!

  3. luv it mass
    the real dyl

    • Thanks Dyl!

      You know you luh-v moi!
      Xo Xo
      Massie Block!

  4. luv it!!!

  5. totes

  6. ok this is over a am making a blog like u ok sooo dont try to stop me ok

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