Want to be a GLU!!

Want to be a GLU? Your going to have to prove it to moi them.

What you have to do then is……

  • Talk to moi cause I am the real Massie Block! Email/comment most of my posts!! Email is XOmassiekur@gmail.com
  • Act like a GLU! aka talk the talk and walk the walk!
  • Wear the most ah-mazing clothes! You have to have taste and style!
  • Have a Polyvore cause that’s the most ah-mazing site ever!! 2nd to this one of coarse (ps if you dont have one that’s a too.)
  • Also get 2 people to look at my Blah-g and comment!! I would luv it if you did this!
  • and last but not least have fun and we can be NBFF’s! 🙂

You know you luh-v moi!



 GLU List!

1. GucciGoddess::(wicked nice! can always count on you! and luh-v your site!) http://guccigfashionblog.wordpress.com

2. Chanelle Block::(Luh-v ya! Your like a sister to moi! Well that’s bc you kind of are my sis lol!) http://elleite.wordpress.com

 3. Dylan Marvil ::(Luh-v ya!! Polyvore BFF too!!) http://www.dylanmarvilicous.wordpress.com

4. Alicia Rivera: My ultimate beta and sister of all time! www.holahurrl1235.wordpress.com

5. Kristen Gregory: The hottest smartest girl ever! 😉 www.kristengreory7.wordpress.com


None yet! But get on my bad side and you will be on here.


WIP (work in progress)

1.Alicia Rivera:: aliciariverax10:: Talk to me more so I can get to know you! www.aliciariverax10.wordpress.com

2. Massie Block (nawt moi) ::(You don’t really talk alot?) http://massieblockblog.wordpress.com/

I might have forgotten some people so I will update this more don’t worry! 



  1. Hey Mass. I would be totally flattered [but not surprised] to be a GLU!



    • I’m sure you would be! But your going to have to prove it to me first.

      M ♥

  2. I would Luh-v to be a GLU!

    Xo Xo

  3. I would luv 2 be a glu! i will tell people on my blah-g that urs is cool, maybe they will like it just as much as me! i’ll tell some people to come on!

    Alicia 🙂


    • Deff! But your going to have to prove to me that you do want to be a GLU!!

  4. Hey can i b a GLU btw Aber&Fitch roxx is a total LBR,tht lamo person put me under LBR

    • no way! You are such a GLU! I will put you down duh! LOL!

      You know you luh-v moi!
      Xo Xo

  5. LOL Thxx Mass 🙂

  6. look who’s talking omg i saw yhur pic awn jjoxo’s blah-g& yhur uh-gulay.. the blond girl is cute but those other2 r *gag*x10 &n yhur totes nawt ina clqiue, i can see it in yhur face, yhu don’t even have potential.

  7. Hey Mass! Hey i am talking now! Srry! Just came back from Daily Grind Premire in Hollywood! Got a giftie for you! Barney’s $500 gift card, Chanel bag also for you! Hope u luv! We are going to have soo much fun at France!

    x and o’s
    Dylan Marvil

    p.s Packing my Louis and Choo’s!

  8. Ehmagawd I just found this site awn Leesh’s, and it’s ah-dorable! Keep up the ah-mazing work!


    • Thanks! thats sweet! 🙂

  9. I would luh-v to become a GLU!!

  10. i have tld 1 person bout ur blog she hasnt commented yet though

  11. can i b a glu?

  12. check out massiekur101.wordpress.com

  13. GLU list was made 4 me

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