Posted by: massiekur8 | July 11, 2009

Beautiful Day!!

     Today was ah-mazing! Spent the whole day with the Pretty Committee! We always have fun together! But today was so funny!! We went to this lake to have a picnic (like old times 🙂 ) and then we walked it. When we started walking a random guy told us the he would bring us on his boat if  he had enough life jackets and let me tell you he was a creepy man!! Then we were kind of running and then walked again once we couldn’t see him. After like 20 mins a lady that seemed kind of old asked us if she could join our group. Weird huh! ahahah!! We couldn’t stop laughing until some boy was trying to pass us cause he was running and got caught on the railing and his pants fell down!!! We were like OTFL!! ahhaha!! But I took a good look at him and he was Drew! (Drew is the guy we saw in A&F cause Kristen dragged us in there cause  she knew we would tots luh-v him! and she was right! total hottie!! Read my polyvore story to find out more!) So I was like “ohmagawd! Drew?” and he was like “Massie right?” he remembered me! I think he was embarrassed but all us girls saw was his A&F underwear. Nothing too much. But ya! So he went along with us but him and I just kind of talked in back of the PC by our sleves and he asked me out! “Well he said do you want to hang out sometimes?” and duhhh….I said yes! He is a major Hottie!!

              After all that excitement we went back to my house to tan and go in the pool. We talked and talked and talked and swam and talked and tanned and gossiped and talked. Wish everyone could of been there! We had some pretty intense convos! 😉

      Did I mention it was one of the best days ever! Nice and sunny! Almost no clouds!

Well everyones sleeping over tonight cause we couldn’t do it yesterday.                                                                

You know you luh-v moi!


PS. We are all planing a trip to France!

PSS. It’s next week!

PSSS. Me and Leesh are walking in a fashion show tomorrow!! It’s for! Luh-v there clothes. Who wouldn’t. It’s all designer! Well g2g!!!

Posted by: massiekur8 | July 8, 2009

The Challenge!

So sorry I haven’t updated in a couple of days! I have been sooooo busy!

I’m thinking of putting a new rule up. I was wondering can we get at least 25 comments for every one of my posts??? So I’m challenging YOU! So Comment moi posts pah-lease!

If your in then comment “Ah-greed!”


Posted by: massiekur8 | July 5, 2009

Spa Day!!

Ahhhhh! 4th of July was a success! Everyone luh-v the fireworks. Well I hoped they did cause they were like $8,000! Dylan’s cousin is majorly hawt! Total alpha worthy. He’s blonde, tan, tall, and he surfs! Surfing is so hot now! Since he lives in Cali he has to leave tomorrow cause he has a surfing competition on Wednesday and has to get ready for it now *tear* 😦 But no worry me and the girls are going boy hunting tomorrow!! 🙂

Today we’re going to the spa. Lovely day to! It’s sunny but there are clouds so we didn’t go to the beach. We thought we would pamper ourselves 🙂 why not! Claire isn’t coming though. She has a family thing to do. IDKwhats up with her lately. She’s so MIA……but what eves! It feels like old times with the Pretty Committee.

Well off to the spa we go!

X’s and O’s


Posted by: massiekur8 | July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Massie’s List for the 4th

  • Fireworks
  • drinks
  • snores
  • bathing suits
  • flip-flops
  • dress
  • lip gloss
  • Guest

Ahhh. 4th of July is so ah-mazing with all the fireworks! The other day the PC and I did some of the sparklers and they were ah-mazing x10! Can’t wait till the big fireworks! There going to be the best yet!!

Dylan is bringing her cousin from California!! He’s majorly hawt!He surfs, he’s blonde, tan, and tall!!! Just how I like them!! 😉 Well I have to make sure I’m a total 10 today! The PC is over early today to get ready.

Luv ya!


Posted by: massiekur8 | July 3, 2009

What’s up with the PC!

            Just finishing  the 8th grade was great and I know that high school is going to be even better! The PC and I have been very busy trying to put together  our end of the year 4th of July party at my house. Only the most GLU and soccer boys are invited. Sorry LBR’s but you would just ruin it.

           I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what  to wear too! Either my Daisy Dress from FCUK, which has no huge daisy at all. It’s yellow and very cue-wt! Or my Alice + Olivia terry print belted halter dress. What do you think? Well it will just have to be in what mood I’m in that day.

          So Leesh and Dylan have been busy at Dly’s mom studio. Leesh is interring there just following Dyl’s mom everywhere taking note of what she does. Even though it’s  only for 3 hours Lessh is getting lots of experience and she loves it! Kristen has been busy tutoring little kids to read and write over summer for some extra $$$ She has already made $500 and has only done it for a week so far. My mom hooked her up with some of the girls from the country club. Which leads to yours truly! I have been soaking up the sun and riding Brownie more. I feel so sorry for her! I haven’t been around her alot lately and i think she has begun to hate me 😦 But worry no more cause I’m about to head over there now!

Love to Love moi!            

Xo Xo


Posted by: massiekur8 | July 2, 2009

I’m Blah-gin’!!!

Hey GLU! Massie here! Yes, the real Massie Block. This is my new blah-g so all you people who want to be like me can follow me! I will tell you what I am doing with the Pretty Committee, what I wear everyday, what I eat, and much more!! So come along with moi on my journey through life! 🙂


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