Current State of Union

In                       Out

Blah-g            Dairies

PC                      NPC

4th                    1st       


July 4,2009

In                                              Out

4th of July                        4 water balloons

Boys from Cali                   Boys from NY

Beach Cruisers               Mt. Bikes (ick!)


July 5,2009

In                                         Out

Spa                                   Beach

NY                                        Cali

 July 10,2009

In                                        Out

Lakes                                 Ponds

Boys in shorts        Boys with no pants 😉

      talking and tanning      being white as a ghost! (Kuh-laire!)

Drew                        Derrington


July 14,2009

In                                                         Out

France                                     New York


July 23,2009

In                                          Out

Birthday’s                          Sick Day’s

Castings                                Blasting’s

Umbrellas                              Sunburns 😦


July 29,2009

In                                       Out

        Cousins                   Cousins leaving 😦

    Hamptons                    Westchester

        Peach Ice Tea!                 Regular Ice Tea

 August 3,2009

In                                           Out

Planing                             Dating 😦

Singles                             Mingles    

BFF’s                              BF’s



  1. iknow diaries r soo ehmaick

  2. Cute! 🙂

  3. soooo true!!!!!

  4. love it totes in and totes out

  5. omg u r like my tween i love the clique i am planing to have one now and i am going to dominate the school i am totally cute and have a great sense of style and i even take french soo
    tues tres jolie ofcourse ok

  6. that was funny lol
    your cool

  7. hey masssie i heart u

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