Contact List! Sign up!

I luh-v getting e-mails from everyone!! So email moi today!!

And if you want me to send you updates about me then comment me your e-mail now! or if you just want to talk too!

Mine is

You know you luh-v moi!




  1. Massie!! Finally got the blah’g you wanted me to get for such a long time~

    x and o’s
    dylan marvil

    • ahah!! I know! finally 🙂 lol!

    Moi email!

    x and o’s
    Dylan Marvil

  3. Mine’s

  4. My e-mail’s


  5. My email is
    the real dyl

  6. Yup I think you should know my email….but here it is

    • Duh…lol!

  7. Email moi at !!!!!!

  8. thanks everyone! I will deff send everyone emails!

  9. Thanks Mass! We love ya! 😀

    Ciao Chica’s,

    Alicia Rivera 😀

  10. hey mass!!!

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