Posted by: massiekur8 | August 10, 2009

Like Demi Lovato song This Is Me

Wow guys! I didn’t think you could do it but I got over 100 views today! Thanks! I luv awl you luvers of moi and awl you haters! That’s right. The haters too cause they are just mis-un-der-stood. Their awl just mad for some reason. But I could really care less!

Well I had an ah-mazing birthday! Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday to me!

and now the “This Is Me” part. Ok SO I’m admitting it. I am nawt the REAL Massie Block. No one is. There could be ppl that act just like her, wear what she wears, and etc. but NO ONE in the WORLD is Massie Block. Duh….! I’m just ROLE PLAYING her Ok. Gezz! I’m SO sick of ppl saying I’m a poser, fassie, and etc. Anyone who pretends to b the PC are Posers duh…and odds on it their just insecure! I’m nawt insecure I just luv to act! That is a RL pic of me and Tarah is my cuz too. So don’t be mean to her. She called me the other day saying people are calling her ugly and a poser and saying it’s nawt her real life. Well it is. You know there is ppl out there who are rich, beautiful, and have ah-mazing friends! Just like Tarah and I.

Well I decided to START OVER and make a RL account. Do nawt think of me as Massie think of me as me. My RL name is Paris Johansen! Well my last name isn’t Johansen. I’m nawt using my RL last name bc i don’t want people stalking me. lol! duh..! So go on my new blah-g! It’s my Real Life I’m nawt kidding this time. So check it out!

Now if want I will still RP Massie cause I luv this character so much but If you don’t it’s ok too. I will pass the torch to because she was a great bah-g. Yes I admitted that too.

So please comment YES for me to still RP or NO if you don’t want me  to RP anymore but come to my RL blah-g!

If I don’t get at least 20 comments of Yes’s or No’s within a week then I will have to stop and never go back.

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo
Massie Block


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  3. Awww Pariss!!! I totally think you should still do the whole Massie Thing!!!

    But hey if u stop thats okay to!! lols haha

    Well i gots myself a Blah-G check it out!! its nawt done yet but it will be thx!!

  4. I’m massie biggest fan Check me at

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