Posted by: massiekur8 | July 19, 2009

Eiffel Tower=Heart!

Oh how I luh-v Paris! It’s been so nice here! To bad were leaving on Tuesday. I really wish we could of stayed longer but there’s always holidays! The Eiffel Tower was ah-mazing! (Like it wouldn’t be Psh!) and having a picnic there was even better.

Guess what………….I got Leesh and Kristen to start wordpressing to!!! haaha!! there blah-g’s are at and Kristen’s is www.kristengregory7.wordpress.comthey wanted to tell you guys that they can’t really go on alot but they will deff update like every week!

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo

PS. If you read this blah-g comment it please!!!!



  1. Ehmagawd Awesome!

  2. its kewl check out these blah-gs
    they’re gr8
    the real dyl

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