Posted by: massiekur8 | July 11, 2009

Net-A-Porter Fashion Show

Don’t you just luh-v fashion shows! Well me and Leesh got to be in one today! It was so ah-mazing! So first we had to get up at like 6 (ugh! I know I didn’t like that part) and we went to the tent to rehearse then we went right to hair and makeup after that had to wait around for everyone to come. By then it was 4 o’clock and the fashion show was about to start! I was kind of nervous but that was only because I was afraid to falling on the runway.

It was about to start and me and Leesh were right in back of each other. I could see Dyl, K, and Kuh-laire in the front row. Then the music started and the girls were walking out one-by-one, then it was my turn. I walked that runway with all my might and was fierce! When I walked back I could see Leesh. We looked at each other and knew we were both having such a great time.

It was a time of our lives! And little did we know it was about to get even better!

You know you luh-v moi!




  1. Hey Massie 🙂 It’s Leesh, like la’duh 😉 Lawlz. N E Ways. I would like totally luh-v to talk to you, so you just HAVE to email 😉

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