Posted by: massiekur8 | July 5, 2009

Spa Day!!

Ahhhhh! 4th of July was a success! Everyone luh-v the fireworks. Well I hoped they did cause they were like $8,000! Dylan’s cousin is majorly hawt! Total alpha worthy. He’s blonde, tan, tall, and he surfs! Surfing is so hot now! Since he lives in Cali he has to leave tomorrow cause he has a surfing competition on Wednesday and has to get ready for it now *tear* 😦 But no worry me and the girls are going boy hunting tomorrow!! 🙂

Today we’re going to the spa. Lovely day to! It’s sunny but there are clouds so we didn’t go to the beach. We thought we would pamper ourselves 🙂 why not! Claire isn’t coming though. She has a family thing to do. IDKwhats up with her lately. She’s so MIA……but what eves! It feels like old times with the Pretty Committee.

Well off to the spa we go!

X’s and O’s




  1. sounds ah-mazing!!

    • And it was!!! 🙂 lol!

      X’s & O’s

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