Posted by: massiekur8 | July 3, 2009

What’s up with the PC!

            Just finishing  the 8th grade was great and I know that high school is going to be even better! The PC and I have been very busy trying to put together  our end of the year 4th of July party at my house. Only the most GLU and soccer boys are invited. Sorry LBR’s but you would just ruin it.

           I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what  to wear too! Either my Daisy Dress from FCUK, which has no huge daisy at all. It’s yellow and very cue-wt! Or my Alice + Olivia terry print belted halter dress. What do you think? Well it will just have to be in what mood I’m in that day.

          So Leesh and Dylan have been busy at Dly’s mom studio. Leesh is interring there just following Dyl’s mom everywhere taking note of what she does. Even though it’s  only for 3 hours Lessh is getting lots of experience and she loves it! Kristen has been busy tutoring little kids to read and write over summer for some extra $$$ She has already made $500 and has only done it for a week so far. My mom hooked her up with some of the girls from the country club. Which leads to yours truly! I have been soaking up the sun and riding Brownie more. I feel so sorry for her! I haven’t been around her alot lately and i think she has begun to hate me 😦 But worry no more cause I’m about to head over there now!

Love to Love moi!            

Xo Xo



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