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Like Demi Lovato song This Is Me

Wow guys! I didn’t think you could do it but I got over 100 views today! Thanks! I luv awl you luvers of moi and awl you haters! That’s right. The haters too cause they are just mis-un-der-stood. Their awl just mad for some reason. But I could really care less!

Well I had an ah-mazing birthday! Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday to me!

and now the “This Is Me” part. Ok SO I’m admitting it. I am nawt the REAL Massie Block. No one is. There could be ppl that act just like her, wear what she wears, and etc. but NO ONE in the WORLD is Massie Block. Duh….! I’m just ROLE PLAYING her Ok. Gezz! I’m SO sick of ppl saying I’m a poser, fassie, and etc. Anyone who pretends to b the PC are Posers duh…and odds on it their just insecure! I’m nawt insecure I just luv to act! That is a RL pic of me and Tarah is my cuz too. So don’t be mean to her. She called me the other day saying people are calling her ugly and a poser and saying it’s nawt her real life. Well it is. You know there is ppl out there who are rich, beautiful, and have ah-mazing friends! Just like Tarah and I.

Well I decided to START OVER and make a RL account. Do nawt think of me as Massie think of me as me. My RL name is Paris Johansen! Well my last name isn’t Johansen. I’m nawt using my RL last name bc i don’t want people stalking me. lol! duh..! So go on my new blah-g! It’s my Real Life I’m nawt kidding this time. So check it out!

Now if want I will still RP Massie cause I luv this character so much but If you don’t it’s ok too. I will pass the torch to because she was a great bah-g. Yes I admitted that too.

So please comment YES for me to still RP or NO if you don’t want me  to RP anymore but come to my RL blah-g!

If I don’t get at least 20 comments of Yes’s or No’s within a week then I will have to stop and never go back.

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo
Massie Block
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Ugh…..It’s almost my birthday and I have so much stress on me right now. I got to take a break.

PS. I don’t delete comments unless there stupid and don’t make sense. Who wouldn’t and PSS. I have to approve the comments before they can go on my blah-g. Sawry…I dont know how to fix it.

You know you luh-v moi
Xo Xo
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Mini Blah-g!!

Once I get 1,000 hits I will post a Real Picture of Massie Block! They one and ONLY Massie Block! Moi!!

The truth: The REAL Massie Block wouldn’t use a picture of Elizabeth Mclaughlin or the girls on the books. She would use a pic of herself. So a real picture you want a real picture you will get! Just give me 100 more views of 100 more comments! I will still keep on posting you just have to comment to get moi’s RL pic! 😉

Well if I wasn’t the real Massie I would totally say NO to this challenge but since I am I will post a pic of me. So awl you “Massie’s” out there are POSERS!! They are FASSIES that are insecure of themselves and probably don’t want people to know what they actually look like. So awl ya know I am up for this challenge! 🙂

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo
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Who is Elizabeth??

Elizabeth. AKA my fave cousin EVA!! She lives in Cali and finally came to NY to visit me! She was brown hair and green eyes and is tall! She luvs to shop just like moi! And she’s also a cheerleader. She’s the one who inspired me to do cheering but I never went through with it! lol! Well Liz came down the other day for my mother’s White Party on surprise. I was so happy! I haven’t seen her in like 1 or 2 years and now she’s only here till tomorrow 😦 *tear* But it’s only because were going back home to Westchester tomorrow cause we have a party for one of my mother’s Charity ladies. But it’s k! We text like 24/7 to each other. 🙂

I’m thinking on cutting my hair? Just alittle below my shoulders. It’s nawt that short cause I have like hair down alittle past my shoulders like 3 inches. I wear my hair extentions all the time, but I have learned nawt to get the glue ones so I  wear the clip-in ones. So much easier!

Well I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance and it’s really making me want to dance so me and Liz are. lol! Have to be here!

Hellllll-Oooooh (Joke with Liz! 😉 )

You know you luv moi!
Xo Xo
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Hamptons here I come!!

So later today I went horseback riding with Brownie! Miss horseback riding x10! After I went out to eat with Mom and she told me we were going to the Hamptons tomorrow morning. I need a break! Can’t wait to go! But thank gawd Dyl and Leesh are coming up too. Then it wont be so boring and I wont have to talk to my mother’s LBR social ladies daughters. They are so young and so immature.

Let’s see… my party! I think I have a good idea of what the theme is going to be!! I can’t tell you though until I get some comment. I want to know people are reading so comment! PS. You don’t need a wordpress to comment all you have to do is put a name and an email! So go and comment! Let’s try to get 20!! That would be great! 🙂

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo
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The Surprise!

    I couldn’t wait to tell everyone this!! (Ooh ya PS. The PC is back from France.) Well there’s 4 things to tell.

  1. My Birthday is coming up!! August 8th! Can’t wait! I’m planing my par-tay right now!! More deets layta!
  2. We went to an exclusive fashion show for Chanel back in France! They were showcasing there new fall line!! (The parts they didn’t show early this spring) It was ah-mazing!! I just luh-v their chothes! and their perfume is pretty great too! 😉
  3. I’m going on a date with Drew! You know since I’m back and all, he called me and wanted to see if I wanted to go to Frankie’s Bistro and of course I said YES!! I can’t wait!
  4. and lastly My cousin’s are coming over. Ya not that big of news but what eves!

      Ya so my birthday is on a Saturday so I’m thinking of doing something at night. The Pretty Committee and I are trying to think of themes. I’m thinking……You think I would really ruin the surprise like that! Ha! You are just going to have to wait and see!! 🙂

Well I have to go and call Landon now to party plan!!! ttyl!!

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo
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Eiffel Tower=Heart!

Oh how I luh-v Paris! It’s been so nice here! To bad were leaving on Tuesday. I really wish we could of stayed longer but there’s always holidays! The Eiffel Tower was ah-mazing! (Like it wouldn’t be Psh!) and having a picnic there was even better.

Guess what………….I got Leesh and Kristen to start wordpressing to!!! haaha!! there blah-g’s are at and Kristen’s is www.kristengregory7.wordpress.comthey wanted to tell you guys that they can’t really go on alot but they will deff update like every week!

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo

PS. If you read this blah-g comment it please!!!!

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What we have been up to!

        Ehmagawd! This trip has been ah-mazing so far!! We have done so many things so far like shopping, going to see some observatory (Kristen’s idea), more shopping, went to the Galeries Lafayette which is more shopping, Le Bon Marche which is the first department store in the world, and went out to eat to French places I can never spell! 🙂

        Well tomorrow we are sapossed to go to the Eiffel Tower and have a picnic! Can’t wait!!

You know you luh-v moi!
Xo Xo
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Au Revoir to Bonjour!!

Ahhh!! Finally!! Were going to France! We packed all yesterday and tried to learn how to say some stuff in French. Thank gawd Dyl and Claire know how to speak French or we would be lost! I did learn how to say “Où est le centre commercial” which means “Where’s the mall” and “Je parle peu français” which is “I speak little French”

Well I’m on the plane right now. Have been for a while. I think we will be there soon! Maybe like an hour?

Au Revoir New York, Bonjour France!!!

You know you luh-v moi!


PS. I have my iPhone so I can update my wordpress so I will check it when I’m not busy

PSS. I have my email on here too so Email moi if you want to know what’s going on!!


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Net-A-Porter Fashion Show

Don’t you just luh-v fashion shows! Well me and Leesh got to be in one today! It was so ah-mazing! So first we had to get up at like 6 (ugh! I know I didn’t like that part) and we went to the tent to rehearse then we went right to hair and makeup after that had to wait around for everyone to come. By then it was 4 o’clock and the fashion show was about to start! I was kind of nervous but that was only because I was afraid to falling on the runway.

It was about to start and me and Leesh were right in back of each other. I could see Dyl, K, and Kuh-laire in the front row. Then the music started and the girls were walking out one-by-one, then it was my turn. I walked that runway with all my might and was fierce! When I walked back I could see Leesh. We looked at each other and knew we were both having such a great time.

It was a time of our lives! And little did we know it was about to get even better!

You know you luh-v moi!


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